Aeolus occupies an honorable place in the top twenty of the world's leading tire manufacturers. It is the official supplier of components for technology manufactured by the concern Dongfeng Automobile Company and China’s other major enterprises.

TM Aeolus tires are exported worldwide. Every year the brand produces nearly 5.5 million units of goods for multi-purpose vehicles. For decades, Aeolus truck, agrarian tires for road construction vehicles have given the company a stable and reliable reputation. They are focused on durability, therefore, high-quality materials are used in their production.

By supplying Aeolus tires for passenger cars, industrial and agricultural vehicles, trucks and trailers, experts seek to meet strict international standards.

Aeolus tires combine modern tread pattern, economical fuel consumption, excellent long-run performance, while high-quality rubber compound ensures their stability on the road. Applying the best raw materials and high-tech methods for its processing, the company makes its tires different on the market.

Known as Aeolus Tires Co., Ltd today, the company began its history in 1965 with the Aeolus tire factory.

The name Aeolus comes from Greek and Roman mythology, when Zeus appointed Aeol, the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, a guardian of the winds.

Today Aeolus has production facilities for the production of tires for trucks, trailers and passenger vehicles located in the Henan region, a completely new factory for the production of industrial tires and a modern R&D center (Research and Development).

Since 2003, Aeolus Tires Co., Ltd has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This plant is one of the largest and most significant in its region in China, with an annual turnover of several billion yuan.

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