An embargo imposed on Turkey following its operation in Cyprus in 1974 prompted a new idea of ‘meeting the needs of defense industry through national resources’ and the state industrial enterprise Petlas Tire Industry and Trade Company tasked with production of aircraft tires for Turkish fighter jets was launched in 1976.

Today, Petlas produces tires for passenger cars, vans and trucks, transport equipment designed to work outside public roads, used in agriculture, industry and road construction, as well as aircraft tires. Petlas holds an ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and an AQAP-110 industrial quality certificate.

Petlas exports its products to almost one hundred countries across the world and boasts a wide and reliable sales and distribution network in the international tire market.

The desire to ensure a leading position, an innovative approach to production and a unique product quality assurance system guaranteed the sustained growth of the company and secured its place in the international market as a manufacturer of quality products that meet all the requirements of the buyer.

Petlas ideology

Preserving image of a world brand, safety-oriented, environmentally friendly and cost effective, capable of offering modern hi-tech production and services.

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