There are a number of questions, that customs usually ask before they get a set of new tires for their car.

Is there a sale in loan?

At the moment, we don’t give out credit on wheels, but you can pay by credit cards (Albalı, Worldcart, BirKart, etc.). For more information, please, call +994 70 216 49 20

Barter or buying old tires

Since our store sells exclusively new tires, unfortunately, we can’t work on barter or buy old tires.

How to store the tires?

Tires are best stored in a dry room with an ambient temperature of no more than 25°C. Avoid exposure of the rubber to direct sunlight. Rubber should not be in contact with aggressive chemicals to prevent its destruction. And be sure there are no spills of oil or gasoline on the tires, wash, dry the wheels and provide them with airing during the entire storage period. Compliance with these rules will help you to significantly extend the life of the products and protect against unnecessary problems.

Where do you locate?

2222 Babek ave, near to Piano Restaurant & Deniz furniture house

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